The Wedding of Omar & Bernard

This week’s wedding is dedicated to Omar and Bernard!

On May 26th, 2012 they were married: exchanging heartfelt vows in the midst of Central Park and afterwards, hosting a quaint lunch reception at Bistro Citron. Having travelled from out of state, their day of celebration was quite intimate.

And though small, the most important people of all were in attendance: both Omar and Bernard’s parents joyfully and proudly shared in their sons’ commitment to one another. Their smiles and tears of happiness as their sons cried tears of joy simply reminded me that love is love- it does not know what gender or ethnicity or age is, and is always a cause for celebration.

Without being too political, my hope for Omar and Bernard is that they will not have to wait long for their state to acknowledge the legitimacy of their New York marriage. They deserve every bit of happiness.

Congratulations, Omar and Bernard!

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Photographed with Studio Saldana!

One thought on “The Wedding of Omar & Bernard

  1. This is wonderful!!! Two people who have come together in love get to celebrate and pronounce it to everyone. The images show a beautiful story!

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