Evonne & Mike I Fredrick, MD


I’m dedicating this week to Evonne & Mike and their Maryland wedding!


Storm clouds and on again, off again drizzling could not keep the spirit of this couple’s big day down. While the groom and his men were all smiles and jokes as they readied themselves, the bride and her ladies were just as cheerful with warm thoughts, laughter and happy tears. The couple had their first look in Baker Park, and though it had to be carefully relocated into the shelter of a small tunnel, the ambiance created by the lighting outside and the sound of raindrops all around, was perfect. Once they saw each other, the rain stopped and we were able to do formals in the open air.


Their ceremony was held outside, at Ceresville Mansion and though the rain began to again, lightly fall, it went unnoticed by the guests, too mesmerized and happy with the beautiful commitment they were witnessing.


The reception was held inside where everyone, family and friends laughed, danced and hugged one another. The love shared, throughout the entire day and evening, was unforgettable.


Congratulations to Evonne & Mike!

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