Another New Year

A little late but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Also a big thank you to all my clients who made 2013 such a success. This year I clicked over 10,000  images from all over New England, NYC, California and even Belize.

Over the past two months I’ve been rebuilding my website and preparing a behind the scenes video. Please take a moment to see the new video, website and some fresh, unseen photographs.

After losing a few good friends this past year my vision for 2014 has grown even stronger. I plan on traveling as much as possible this year and documenting new and old faces across the world.

Thank you all for your support ❤

Melissa Robin Photography BTS from melissa robin on Vimeo.

melissarobin--8melissarobin--7melissarobin--3melissarobin--4melissarobin--11melissarobin-2-2melissarobin-2-5melissarobin-0130melissarobin-9388 melissarobin-2393melissarobin-2865melissarobin-2941melissarobin-4076melissarobin-5141melissarobin-5562melissarobin-6480melissarobin-8833melissarobin-9179melissarobin-1521 melissarobin-5143melissarobin-5382melissarobin-73415-engagement_melissarobin-2

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