John & Stefanie | Dumbo, Brooklyn Engagement


Im thrilled to show off this beautiful couple, John and Stefanie.
I have known John since we were classmates at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. We reconnected after I moved to NYC and even collaborated on a video project, together. John is a very successful DP and Steadicam operator and someone I have always admired. It should come as no shock, how incredibly honored I felt, when they asked me to do their engagement session.
In a few weeks, these two will be moving to Berlin for work and with this in mind, we set out towards some of their favorite spots. Starting in Vinegar Hill, we found our way, in the crisp spring day, down to Brooklyn Bridge Park and after a quick outfit change at their Dumbo apartment, made our way to their favorite local bar for some romantic photos. Our night ended atop their roof, looking out at what I now believe to be the most amazing view of Manhattan, I’ve seen yet.
Congratulations to my friend, John and his beautiful Fiancé, Stefanie. I can’t wait for the wedding!

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