Costa Rica Orphanage Fundraiser

What a busy summer it has been! With full time studio work and traveling and fund raising, I’ve had no time to announce to you all, some very exciting news: I’m volunteering at an orphanage in Costa Rica, this winter!

I’m working with Global Volunteer Network and have been busy making arrangements to travel to Costa Rica, in the rush of the holiday season, and spend 2 weeks giving attentive care, companionship and creative fun to some very deserving children. Along with documenting the journey in photographs to share the experience.

Most of these children have never even had their photo taken and in such impoverished settings, no time can be spared on creativity. The most important necessities- housing, food, medical supplies and (for the lucky ones) schooling, come first. It is the mission of GVN to help raise awareness and provide each of these necessities and more, to every single child.

Teaching children the wonderful world of photography, I hope, will bring some magic to their lives and help foster creativity and inspiration to carry them through their hardest moments.

Right now, I have only $770 left of my $2,000 to raise and until September 30th to do it. Anything made in addition goes directly to more supplies for the kids.

Would you be willing to help support this cause and donate?

You can do so by going to: or you can send your paypal payment to


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