Adventure Calling


As the ninth anniversary of my career in professional photography approaches, I find myself questioning my motives, as I imagine all artists do.  What is my purpose as a photographer?  What originally inspired my love for this art? 


I’m always led back to one word, Adventure.  My earliest Fine Art photo sessions were spontaneous road trips to destinations unknown, with a car full of inspired souls, chasing sunsets.  I’ve been blessed to travel and explore the beautiful landscapes of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, where I grew up climbing trees, frolicking through fields, fairy hunting, swimming in search of aquatic creatures, and making camp-fires with my little brothers and cousins.  Looking back at those worn out Polaroids rekindles that feeling of floating in the sea watching sparks fly across the midnight sky without a worry in the world.  Every time I go on a new adventure, I feel this childlike warmth replenish my heart.


“I must go to Nature disarmed of perspective and stretch myself like a large transparent canvas upon her in the hope that, my submission being perfect, the imprint of a beautiful and useful truth would be taken.”
  — John Updike


This is what I aim to reflect in my subjects, the bright light flickering within their souls, behind their eyes.  Set free your inner-child that’s been patiently waiting for recess.  I want to capture your untamed soul so that you can see how truly beautiful you are, now and in the future.   melissarobin-6

Adventure Sessions: Connect with Mother Earth.  Unleash your essence.  Capture your soul. Lets make some magic.


Booking 2015 & 2016 sessions |

Modeling by El Grace.

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