Aphrodite Goddess Yoga Arts


I have just spent the last week of April documenting the Aphrodite Goddess Yoga Arts Retreat, in Mexico. I took part in and photographed the yoga, meditation and womb wisdom workshops- lead with grace and expertise by Achintya, Sienna & Sofiah.
The retreat was hosted at Mar de Jade and candidly, it is one of the most amazing resorts I have been to. The business model is built on giving back to the surrounding community and volunteer efforts; they are conscious about their carbon footprint, very energy efficient and overall quite green. There is even an organic farm a few miles away, from which all of the produce used in our meals, was sourced! To top it all off and to round out the experience, the resort is owned by women, run by a mother and grandmother, and employed mostly from within their family!
It was such an honor to document & witness the power of the divine feminine coming together: individually for each woman and collectively as everyone grew with self-confidence and self-awareness.
And, for the 20 or so women who booked Goddess shoots with me, even if they had never been photographed professionally before, by the end of our time together, each cast off any unsure thoughts and hesitations, embraced their divine self and beamed with light!
Empowering women to find their confidence and shine brightly is a beautiful purpose. It’s why I do these Goddess shoots and its why retreats like the Aphrodite Goddess, exist. I am humbled by this experience and also proud of the growth I’ve felt in myself and encourage you all to embrace your divine feminine self or help the woman in your life, to embrace theirs!
Currently booking photo session in NY + NH! 📸
Stay tuned for upcoming travel dates!

➳ Beacon, NY • May 10 – 18 + 28
➳ NYC • May 20 – 25 | 30 – June 4
➳ NH + MA • June 4 – 15
➳ Msg me for booking + details!
➳ melissarobinphoto@gmail.com
➳ www.melissarobinphoto.com
➳ 📸 @melissarobinphoto

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