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I am going to let you in on a little secret: for every beautiful photo of mine you see, there is a 50lbs camera equipment bag, just beyond my lens, waiting for me to haul it around- shoot after shoot, city after city, country after country. If I did not already have a gnarly case of scoliosis, this would be manageable but this coupling leaves my body and mainly my back, very sore and exhausted, day in and day out.
Enter Donna- Magical Shamen, Soul Worker, Fire Bender, Goddess Warrior and Massage Therapist. When we met, I was in dire need of a massage therapist and she was searching for a photographer to document and help her create promotional content for her growing business. A symbiotic relationship of beneficial trades began and has continued, every few months, for the last three years.
Donna and I have created so many beautiful photographs together- devised with love and a mutual appreciation for the Goddesses and Mother Nature. I am enamored with her inner beauty as much as I am her outer beauty.
With certainty, Donna is a wonderful muse, in my life.
Check out her sites, filled with our beautiful photographs:
📸Currently Booking photo sessions!

➳ Beacon NY • Until June 3
➳ NH + MA • June 4 – 15
➳ Dominical, Costa Rica • June 18 – 30
➳ Msg me for booking + details!

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