I am Melissa Robin: a free spirited, wanderer. Native of Halifax, Nova Scotia (among other wooded areas), I now reside between Portland, Oregon & Beacon, New York. I spent the better part of my youth frolicking through the forests of New Hampshire & Newfoundland, exploring abandoned factories and painting my face unnatural colors in an attempt to capture and share the dreams caught in my mind.

Wait… whom am I kidding? I still do these things, and more.

I found my love for photography in high school and like all high school love I knew it would last forever. But, unlike all high school love, it has not only lasted, it awakened a gift and my desire to reveal the beauty in our world. From the moment a proud, teary-eyed father gives his daughter away, to a newborn gripping her mother’s finger, to a new father’s kiss; I want to make these moments eternal. My desire is not only for commitments of love and growing families, however, it also compels me to seek out those beautiful parts of ourselves we so often overlook and forget. From how you dance in the wild, to your smile, to the confident way you lie in the Earth’s embrace: I want to draw out the inner beauty I see and share it with you.

After five wedding seasons in New England, I decided it was time to journey to the Big City. I packed my suitcase, some keys, a few cameras and of course, my cat, Meg. I’ve traded trees for skyscrapers and now, when I’m not shooting, I’m exploring and uncovering the wonderful secrets New York hides in its shadows. Ten years later I’m traveling all over seeing this vast world & documenting its beauty and the humans that reside in it.

I graduated from the intensive 10-month program at the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Some of my honors include: HIP top ten percent portfolio, the Best in College Photography Annual 2008 (finalist) and first place Editorial-Environmental in the 2008 International Photography Awards along with an honorable mention. My work has been featured in the Doctors Without Borders Print Exhibit and Benefit Sale, and is in the permanent collection at the Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography. Most recently, my work was published in Italian Vogue. I was named 2012 NYC Photographer of the Year for RAW artists.

I may be based out of Oregon & New York but my wanderlust nature ensures I am available for travel worldwide.

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