Melissa & Dayal I Gloucester, MA



I introduced this lovely couple back in February, after shooting their engagement photos in deCordova Sculpture Park. I am very excited to highlight Melissa & Dayal’s wedding in Gloucester, MA!

As I predicted, their wedding was exceptional: the small bridal party and live performances by Melissa’s talented musical friends maintained the intimate ambiance through the entire day.

Their ceremony and reception were hosted at Cruiseport Gloucester, while the portraits and formals were taken at Motif No. 1 and in the beautiful Halibut Point State Park.



2 thoughts on “Melissa & Dayal I Gloucester, MA

  1. Melissa, thank you so much.These pictures are was a pleasure having you as my daughter’s photographer. You are so professional and SO GOOD!!!!!! We feel so lucky to be part of your art.

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