Sandi & Jason I NJ Pregnancy session

Cheers to Sandi & Jason!

This week is dedicated to their pregnancy session in honor of their baby girl’s due date falling in this week!

In home sessions are always a favorite because the intimate love, expecting parents already have for their child, is so wonderful and can be felt, permeating through the air. Every room in Sandi & Jason’s house was warm and inviting. Even while we strolled to the park nearby, I could just see and feel their excitement for the memories that will be made everywhere we stepped.

Sandi & Jason, congratulations on your growing family!

melissarobin-5086 melissarobin-5117 melissarobin-5150 melissarobin-5197 melissarobin melissarobin-5216 melissarobin-5274 melissarobin-5280 melissarobin-5285

photographed for Studio Saldana!

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