Yoga & Surf wear in Costa Rica


The privilege is all mine, when it comes to working with Monique and her surf and yoga wear line. On my second trip to Costa Rica, three years ago, Monique hired me. We really hit it off as she described and showed me her sustainable surf and yoga wear clothing line: made from recycled plastic and combined with high quality Italian fabrics, her line is not only long-lasting but also earth-saving! She also creates all of the epic designs, herself!

I was gifted a bikini set, yoga pants and rash guard and can personally attest to the quality of her line as I have worn them for every free dive / scuba / rock climbing pursuit I’ve had in the last 3 years and have yet needed to “retire” them. I mean, how often do yoga pants last 3 years?! Monique’s lines are definitely built for adventure and very flattering. Importantly, her brand visuals must show this off! The photoshoots have become very high-energy and exciting: beautiful friends/models out on the beach, swimming & surfing, doing yoga in the sand or running and jumping around & posing in various asanas amid the beautiful and ever changing Costa Rican jungles! The vibe we feel and want to create really translates into the photos and makes the process of narrowing down the images, a worthwhile difficulty.
I am thankful our collaborations have continued every winter since our initial meeting and on a personal level am especially grateful to Monique for making it possible for me to visit Costa Rica so often. Watching her brand grow over the last 3 years and supporting her beautiful line is just one reason I love connecting with other strong women entrepreneurs. Whether I help them to build their brand visually or collaborate in other capacities, there is such strength and love founded when women help women. Support Women Artists! Check out Monique and her line at:
Here are some of my favorite photos from the many sessions I’ve had with Monique and her surf and yoga wear line!

A few dates left in Portland before April 5!

✈️Upcoming travel dates🌍
➳ Los Angeles, CA • 4.7 + 4.8
➳ Bogotá, Columbia • 4.10 – 4.19
➳ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico • 4.20 – 4.29
➳ MA & Southern, NH • 4.30 – 5.6
➳ NYC & Beacon, NY • 5.7 – 6.7
➳ Msg me for booking + details!
➳ 📸 @melissarobinphoto 

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