Divine Sofiah


On my first adventure to Costa Rica one of my dear sisters, Nicole, introduced me to Sofiah and her space Danyasa. Unbeknownst to me at the time, this introduction would change my life forever. Deciding to take some of the yoga classes offered at Danyasa, I began a journey of discovery into the world of the Divine Feminine + Goddesses.
Up until this point, “feminine” was not a word I would have used to describe myself- even on a basic level, skirts & makeup were not my thing. My definition of “feminine” was far off. Separately, I had already felt I was not living my full truth and though this was a rudimentary concept, still forming, I knew the emotional trauma I held onto was a big reason why. The journey Sofiah and Danyasa led me on, helped me to realize my Divine Feminine self and ultimately, how to embrace her. Under Sofiah’s guidance and along with yoga & meditation, I was able to open myself up into this Divine space and breathe into a new part of myself. Importantly, I cultivated a real strength of which I pulled from to apply the healing arts techniques I knew and learned to my pain. And the flow arts & dance became my voice, releasing what I was ready to let go of, into the ether with love and understanding. I now, am firmly on the right path to living my full truth.
I am grateful for the sacred space that is Danyasa: for allowing me to explore my Divine Feminine self, to embrace her fully and speak her truth through movement & flow, there are no words to how grateful, I am. And, Sofiah, for how you have inspired me, I can only look to your photographs as they speak volumes to what I could ever express. It may have taken 4 years for us to have a session together but it was worth the wait! Capturing your flow and movement, for all you’ve done for me, was magic. I look forward to our paths crossing more, in divinity and creativity.
Sisters! If my experience has piqued your curiosity, I implore you to check out Sofiah https://sofiahthom.com/ She and a few other sisters are hosting a Goddess yoga arts retreat in Mexico, next month http://goddessyogaarts.com/ I will be there documenting and would love if you could join us! If you are ever in Costa Rica check out http://danyasa.com/.

 Below are some of my upcoming trips- am I passing near you? Let’s connect and get creative!

Booking spring photo sessions in Portland,Oregon until April 5! •

✈🌍 Upcoming travel dates

➳ Los Angeles, CA • 4.7 + 4.8
➳ Bogotá, Columbia • 4.10 – 4.19
➳ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico • 4.20 – 4.29
➳ MA & Southern, NH • 4.30 – 5.6
➳ NYC & Beacon, NY • 5.7 – 6.7
➳ Msg me for booking + details!
➳ melissarobinphoto@gmail.com
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