Christine & Luna

A mutual friend recommended my photo services to Christine. When we spoke for the first time, on the phone, it was all about witchy things and womb wisdom- another instant connection with a client!

Christine desired headshots and the like, for her healing arts business and wanted photographs of her and her 9 year old daughter, Luna. We agreed to two hours, to give Luna time to warm-up to me and of course, sunset, for the best time & light of day.
It was very dreamy, those hours. And, as Christine and Luna frolicked and played in the fields and forest, climbed and embraced trees and explored together, I took in the warmth of their bond, through my lens.
I captured many precious moments of Luna’s inquisitiveness and of Christine’s gentle and loving lessons. I’m grateful to have clients who not only connect to Mama Gaia but who also share their affection for Her with their children and imbue them with their same love & respect!

✈️ Booking summer travel dates🌍
➳ New Hampshire • until June 15
➳ Dominical, Costa Rica • June 18 – 30
➳ Merritt, B.C. Canada • July 5 – 10
➳ Newfoundland, Canada • July 16 – 26
➳ Portland, Oregon • August 1 – 22
➳ Msg me for booking + details!

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