Temple Body Arts | Costa Rica

For the last two weeks I have been fully immersed in Sofiah Thom’s Temple Body Arts Live Training. I was called to be here by one of my mentors and am so honored and grateful to have been able to make the pilgrimage back- for my fifth time!
It has been a truly beautiful experience, taking part in the training and documenting, as well as offering Goddess sessions to the women. We have moved through the Goddesses and have connected our divine feminine power with cacao ceremonies, meditation, with our movements, ecstatic dance and yoga. And of course, with amazing food and conversation. This has also been, a very personal journey in healing, as well; healing the wounds of my ancestors and lineage by awakening and expanding my temple body.
And as I explore my own divine feminine self, more, I feel the calling to support and empower women through the embodiment of the Goddess, grow stronger and I am lapping up as much experience and wisdom, as I can!
I desire to help women, all over, express their inner Goddess and spotlight just how breathtaking their beauty, strength and love is, through the images we create.
Retreat Location • https://danyasa.com/

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