Temple Body Awakening!


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This year I photographed and took part in the global mentorship and live training to become a Temple Body Artist! Through the global sisterhood I connected with I was able to share my gifts of photographing goddess sessions with over 75 women!!

Sofiah has been one of my mentors for the past four years and I was so excited when she asked me to document and take part in her global mentorship! I not only gained a global sisterhood but the ability to dive deeper into myself unlocking so much potential I didn’t even recognize in myself. Growing and deepening my spiritual and temple body. Letting go of past traumas in this life and my ancestors. Healing my womb space and my heart space. Learned how to say NO so that I can say YES to myself and my highest purpose. I danced and moved my body more this year. I traveled more. I cleared more space so that I could make room for what I truly love. Stepping into role of healer & facilitator as well as photographer. Eternally grateful!!

The program is absolutely amazing experience and I highly recommend this to any women!! Registration closes before the holidays.

If any of my sisters are interested I am gifting  $100 off the first payment of the Global Mentorship program for anyone who signs up! Use  coupon code LIVEYOURYES to get your discount. 

Join us in 2019!!​​​​​​

Currently Booking Goddess session in Costa Rica!! January + February 2019!


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