Mermaid Dreams


Producing an underwater session is so soooo much work, more than I could have ever anticipated. Flights to Hawaii for myself and an stylist/MUA, places to stay, finding & coordinating rides and a boat to take us out. Lining up a professional saftey diver to be in the water, the models and clients. I put my heart, soul and everything I have to create beautiful images but I couldn’t do it alone. The divine manifestation and help I received humbles me to my core. Women I met this past April at a goddess retreat encouraged me to come to photograph their family and friends…. I got hired for goddess sessions, underwater and  family sessions while I was in Hawaii.  My spirit sisters there gave me a beautiful place to stay and sparked connections to make this all possible. A sisters partner took us sailing with Honolulu sailing company where I met the Captain Jeremy. In exchange for another day on the boat with some clients I took some beautiful shots of his boat and people enjoying their time on it.

This is the power of connection and finding your tribe. Finding the people who love and support you. I am SOOOO grateful. 

I spent about three hours total this day treading in 200 + ft of open ocean. Photographing 5 different lovely humans. I could barley walk the next day. At the end of the day all the blood, sweat, tears and hard work I put into my images is worth it… even if I just inspire one human to follow their dreams.. it’s all worth it. 

Thank you to every single one of you that has supported my passion. I LOVE YOU  

If you are in New York, Please join us THIS SATURDAY!! To see the final  image (and maybe even buy 😉)  produced during this underwater session. Will be showcasing for the ‘Natural Selection’ show at BAU gallery in Beacon along side some amazing artists. Please come put and support! Saturday December 8 from 6-9pm. I will be there as well! Ask me for a sticker 🙂 

Styling & MUA by Carolina

Model is Mermaid Citrine

Boat is Honolulu Sailing Company

Photographs 2-5 by Louis Wray

Photography & Production by Melissa Robin

instagram @melissarobinphoto

2 thoughts on “Mermaid Dreams

  1. That looks like so much fun (and so much work) . What a great camera rig. Hope to see you in Beacon Friday!

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