Best of 2018

At the end of last year I set an intention to manifest more work abroad to weave in my love of travel. 2018 did not disappoint. This year I was hired to photograph in Costa Rica three times, Mexico, Colombia, British Colombia, Newfoundland and all over the United States.

At the end of this year I decided to take a step further out of my comfort zone. To be fully free in this world and let go my idea of a home. I moved all of my things into storage and decided what I would take with me on the journey of 2019. I am spending the first three months of the year in one of my favorite places in the world, Costa Rica. I will be here photographing goddess sessions & retreats and also cooking for retreats. Then onto Thailand.. and we’ll see from there!

I plan on being in New York, New Hampshire, and Portland Oregon once warmer weather comes.

Thank you to every single person that supported my business this year! I am so grateful for every one of you!! I could not do this without your continued support.

Interested in having me photograph your retreat, event or portrait session? Please reach out! I love to travel!

Please visit for more information.

If you don’t already please follow me on instagram to stay tuned with travel dates and giveaways. @melissarobinphoto



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