Stars align | Costa Rica

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For those astrology enthusiast… A few months back I received a soul reading based on my astrological chart. When I was born significant planets in my birth chart cross over Costa Rica. As a result, my creativity is highlighted and expanded when I am in Costa Rica. It is no surprise I have come down here for the past five years to share my photography gifts and to create beautiful art. This place is so dear to my heart. I was called to Costa Rica five years ago when I felt like I needed to escape New York City life and wanted to give back. I was looking at orphanage volunteer programs and saw a need in some impoverished areas in San José Costa Rica… I felt pulled and I fell in love with the kids and the country. Each year I’ve spent at least a month down here photographing, volunteering at orphanages, working as a sous-chef, learning yoga, meditation and dance.

This year I brought in 2019 as head chef for a yoga retreat for 40 beautiful humans. This was my first time as a head chef and it was such an amazing experience. It rekindled my passion for photography and how grateful I am to have made a living off it for the past decade. Having 15 hour days on my feet as a chef made me miss and love the time I get to spend sitting and working on my computer.

Why am I sharing this? To hopefully inspire you to do whatever you love in this life. Did I think I would be a head chef at a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica a couple of years ago, NO!! I would never had thought. Sometimes we get stuck in our jobs and our ways of thinking. For a long time I thought I was only a photographer. I spent so long building and growing my business I got stuck. I burned myself out living in NYC photographing 30 weddings a year and not taking time to nourish my other passions. Only when I took a break from photography and focused on my healing work and cooking did I rekindle my passions. Cooking has been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl, my mom is a chef and I have cousins and aunts that have taken that path as well. I’ve always loved cooking for myself and nourishing others. It brings my heart so much joy. So when the opportunity arose to chef I said YES!

Moral of the story, LISTEN inside to find your path and when a place or opportunity calls, go follow it. Gut feelings are usually right. I was called to Costa Rica and now here I am spending the winter here. Making beautiful photographs on the beach, nourishing beautiful humans and birthing my healing practice.

Stay tuned with travel updates here…

Currently booking!

➳ Costa Rica • January + February
➳ Thailand • mid March

➳ Msg me for booking + details!


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