Mermaid + Merman

When Melissa asked if we could do both a Male & Female look in one hour, I said YES PLEASE! What a unique and multi-faceted take on a goddess photo session. I could not believe their amazing transformation in just a few minutes from silly Mer-man to Goddess Mermaid.

We are all unique fingerprints of a God/ Goddess and I love to capture this in photo sessions. No one session ever looks like same. The point of these (God)ess sessions are to capture your souls essence. This queer mermaid shoot is the perfect example or celebrating our individuality. Intrinsically we all personify aspects of both sacred divine feminine and divine masculine energies on a spiritual level. At times, we have the ability to embody and express both our male & female energy in physical form. This Goddess session was an absolutely beautiful opportunity to share this visually.

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