Sunrise Goddess | Genesis

I absolutely love photographing before anyone is awake in the morning. Traveling at dark to a site and watching night transform into day. There is something so beautiful about the sleepy silence just before the sunrise.

The stars slowly begin to disappear, the birds start to move and the jungle becomes alive. The light is soft for about 30 minutes at this special secret location I love to photograph at… then in peaks over the mountains for another 30 minutes off pure light magic.

Genesis Gonzales is a model from Venezuela that wanted some new portfolio shots since she moved to Costa Rica. I am so happy and honored to be the first photographer she worked with in Costa Rica. We started our session with a short meditation I led, for the first time in Spanish, grounding into Mother Earth and saying thank you to the land. As I put one hand on my heart and one hand on the earth I said my purpose for taking these photographs was to share the beauty of mother earth in hopes and prayers we will take better care of her. Genesis shared with me after she was so inspired by the meditation she has continuing the practice on her own. Simple gratitude and taking a moment to connect with our breath can make such a difference. Weaving this into my Goddess sessions has calmed my excitement down before shooting allowing me to connect deeper to the elements & even see the light better.

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