Desert Flow

Joanna is an amazing person with whom I connected to while at a retreat, in Costa Rica, a couple years ago. As I passed through Tucson, AZ on a recent trip, I was thrilled the timing worked out for Joanna to hire me to update her head shots and to shoot some creative promos for some of her upcoming performances. Being such an inspiring individual as Joanna is, I knew her photos would need to reflect those same qualities. We journeyed along Gates Pass, a mountain road which follows the crest of the Tucson Mountains and the scenery was breathtaking. As I am not from anywhere near deserts, I find myself in awe of them, every time I am near, let alone immersed within one, as we were. This sprawling desert was filled with as many uniquely-shaped cacti as there are humans, flowering plants I’ve never seen before and the setting sun’s rays made everything glow with such a unique vibrancy. The desert before us was vast and peaceful but fully animated and warm: a harmonious backdrop, perfectly suited for Joanna.

While my time with Joanna was unexpected, I am beyond grateful she reached out as I am always up for spontaneous work during my travels! Below are some of my upcoming trips- am I passing near you? Let’s connect and get creative!

Booking spring photo sessions in Portland,Oregon until April 5! •

✈️Upcoming travel dates🌍
➳ Los Angeles, CA • 4.7 + 4.8
➳ Bogotá, Columbia • 4.10 – 4.19
➳ Puerto Vallarta, Mexico • 4.20 – 4.29
➳ MA & Southern, NH • 4.30 – 5.6
➳ NYC & Beacon, NY • 5.7 – 6.7
➳ Msg me for booking + details!

➳ ✨📸 @melissarobinphoto

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