Life Purpose


Diving into the waters of trusting that following our passion leads to our life purpose creates a deep shift within us. Awakening these parts of ourselves is to tap into the source of truth and love, and in this way, we are able to move throughout and encounter the world with free minds and hearts wide open. At the age of 17 I HEARD and LISTENED to the calling to pursue my passion for photography. I knew that I wanted to live in NYC to be a professional photographer, and for five years beginning in 2012, I manifested that dream into my reality. Yet, as much as I loved the hustle of NYC and as ‘in my element’ as I felt, once I brought this dream to fruition something inside me began to stir, and I found myself following my passion with a yearning for something deeper and more fulfilling. My heart for serving my community of sisters was aching to be utilized, and I needed something that I could weave my passion and gifts of healing into. After a decade of photographing “boudoir” sessions, my perception of these sessions began to evolve, and my photography took on a new shape. Women were giving me incredible feedback like “OH MY GODDESS I LOOK LIKE THAT?! I LOOK BEAUTIFUL,” and “I never realized my beauty until I saw these photographs.” Hearing that I played such a vital role in these women’s lives changed me. After spending the past four years studying the divine feminine, yoga and dance therapy, it became clear that the creative heart of the divine feminine was blossoming and blooming within me. As I was healing myself, I realized this could come out as divine feminine photo sessions. I felt like a perception healer. As I photographed more women and the responses grew so did my visions. These sessions started to evolve into what I now call ‘goddess sessions,’ which this year alone took me to five different countries photographing over 75 goddesses, and I’M BOOKING FOR 2019!!!

With so many faces of the goddess, tell me… what does it mean to be a goddess? What does being embodied feel like?

I am inspired by travel to new locations so if you need retreat converge or a goddess session, let’s connect, I go where the work flows!

Stay tuned with travel updates here…

Currently booking!

➳ Beacon, NY • December 8-16
➳ Costa Rica • January + February
➳ LA • mid March then Thailand!

➳ Msg me for booking + details!


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