My Mother & Pacha Mama

On Christmas day I flew my Mother with me to Costa Rica. I’ve tried to convince her to come with me for the past few years. As some of you may know I’ve done some deep spiritual and healing work here every winter for over four years now. I wanted to share this with my mother. She had been struggling with tobacco addiction for the past couple of years and my intention was to share with her my deep connection to the beauty of mother earth here. To share with her dance therapy, womb meditation and yoga practices. To fill her tool box as I have mine to give her more tools to handle addiction and other negative forces that enter our lives.

I knew the only way to get my mom her was to cover her flight and get work for her down here. So I decided to take on an offer as head chef at Danyasa for two yoga retreats and the end of December into the new year. I hired my mom as my Sue chef. A little background for those of you who don’t know. I have a huge passion for cooking and sue chef on occasions for retreats in the past and have helped my mom in the kitchen my entire life. My Mother has been a caterer and personal chef since I was in the womb. Food is in my blood for many generations. My Aunts, cousins and my younger brother are all professional chefs. So food has been a big part of my entire life. So when I got the offer to begin my journey as head chef, I SAID YES! And being on my feet for 10-15 hours a day in the kitchen made me appreciate my photography business even more!

My mother and I spent two beautiful weeks together collaborating in the kitchen. We had so much fun… kitchen witching, sun bathing, playing in the ocean, taking walks in nature, dancing and practicing yoga!! I was able to take her to my favorite waterfall where my good friend Gabriel Solis took some timeless photographs of us together. I am so so grateful for these deeply special photographs. And to have to time and resources to share this beautiful place with my mother.

It’s been almost a month now and she had quit smoking and has changed her lifestyle quite a bit. I am so proud of her and humbled by the experience. I hope we can both make space every year to take more trips and adventures together.

Have you traveled with your Mother before? If not, where would you dream of going?

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